Patiphon Narksri



I am currently a software engineer at MAP IV, Inc., a Japan-based tech company specializing in making point cloud and road network maps (HD Maps) for autonomous vehicles. My main task as a software engineer is to develop an accurate and reliable SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) algorithm for generating HD maps.

I received a Master of Engineering degree and a Ph.D. degree in Informatics from Nagoya University, Japan, in 2018 and 2022, respectively. My Master's thesis was on ground segmentation in 3D point cloud. During my Ph.D., I worked and wrote a dissertation on occlusion-aware motion planning for autonomous vehicles.

I am knowledgeable in autonomous driving systems, especially 3D LiDAR-based perception and motion planning modules. I have extensive experience in C++, Python, Linux, and ROS (Robot Operating System) and have contributed to open-source software (OSS), such as Autoware: The world's first "all-in-one" open-source software for self-driving vehicles . I speak three languages: Thai (Native), English (Full Professional Proficiency), and Japanese (Professional Working Proficiency).

I am open to new career opportunities. If you are looking for a candidate for an autonomous driving engineer/researcher, a robotics engineer/researcher, or a software engineer, please do not hesitate to reach out using the contact form.


Since 2018, I have regularly published research articles in the fields of intelligent vehicle and intelligent transportation system. Most of these articles are available on my Researchgate or Google Scholar profile.

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